Our team of experienced and professional practitioners here at Kanwal Dental are on hand to give you and your family the complete service that you would expect from a Central Coast Dentist. We always ensure that on each and every visit, your experience is personal, comfortable and very affordable. We use state of the art equipment to look after all your dental requirements so that you will leave with a smile you can be proud of.

Personalised For You

When looking for oral healthcare, you want a Central Coast dentist that does not generalise but makes each and every appointment personal and specific to your needs and health. We do recommend that you do not wait until there is a problem, but you come into our friendly Dentist every 6 to 12 months for a routine check up. Here we keep a record of any changes with your teeth and it enables us to spot potential problems before they become serious and need more extensive treatment.

A regular check will help us to keep your smile beautiful and each patient will receive a treatment plan tailored to their health on each visit. This may be to counter an issue that could turn into a problem or just tips on how to keep your teeth strong and clean.

All Your Dental Procedures Under One Roof

To ensure that you get the best treatment possible we provide the majority of services here at our practice. From your scheduled check up, fillings and treatments, keeping your teeth strong and healthy.

We cover all the aspects so that you can be sure of exceptional dental health and having all our specialist equipment in one surgery means that we can provide you with low cost and exceptional care.

Looking After You In An Emergency

We know that problems and emergencies can occur which is why we provide emergency dental care for you and your family. This may be because a tooth has been knocked out because of an accident, a chip has occurred when you were eating, or you may be suffering from a chronic toothache that is intolerable and needs assessing immediately by one of our team. Whatever the reason you can be assured of fast and expert care.

The Ultimate Service

Here at Kanwal Dental we care about our patients and our community and strive to give you the very best Central Coast dentist there is. With such an experienced and professional team, offering you a completely personal and high quality service, you will not find a better option. To start your regular check ups or if you have an oral problem that is concerning you, contact us today to make an appointment on 43 930 020.

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